TENEBENAL (common name: Broflanilide) is an active ingredient of insecticide created and developed by Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions. With high activity against agricultural pests, such as lepidopteran and leaf beetle, and insects affecting human health, such as mosquito, cockroach, and bedbug, it is expanding its usage in both Crop Solutions and Life Solutions and marketed for many uses.
Globally, we are co-developing markets with BASF in Germany. TENEBENAL is helping food production and improvement of living environments and QOL of people in the world.

Crop Solutions Life Solutions
Main target pests Lepidopteran and leaf beetle Mosquito, cockroach, and bedbug
Main farm products and areas covered Cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and others PCO (※1) and vector control (※2)
Representative products BROFREYA™ and other products VECTRON™T500, and BROBUSTER™
Main markets Japan, Korea, China, and India Japan and the Philippines
  • PCO: Pest control operator
  • Vector control: Controlling pests that transmit infectious diseases
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