Milbemectin is an active ingredient of insecticide created and developed by Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions. This active ingredient is found in natural products produced by actinomycetes in soil and therefore is receiving attention as a product that can be used even for farming methods conforming to Organic JAS (※1).
Covering a wide range of pests such as spider mites, rust mites, and broad mite, it offers excellent prompt effects on all stages of spider mites from egg to adult. Additionally it has efficacy on insects like leaf-miner flies and nymph of whiteflies.
It is widely used in the world as well as in Japan. In non-agricultural field, it is used for nematode control on pinewood.

Uses of Milbemectin
Crop Solutions Life Solutions
Main target pests Mites Nematode
Main farm products and areas covered Apples, citruses, tea, flowers, ornamental plants, and others Pine
Representative products KOROMITE™ and MILBEKNOCK™ MATSUGUARD™
Main markets Japan, Belgium, Korea, Brazil, and other countries Japan
  • Organic JAS: JAS standards for environmental load-reducing, sustainable production systems that, for example, use farm lands where soil is basically prepared based on compost and no chemical fertilizer or chemically synthesized pesticides is used for two or more years before sowing (the process of planting seeds) or planting seedlings is performed.