Hymexazol is an active ingredient in fungicides created and developed by Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions. With an effect on Pythium, Fusarium, and other soilborne pathogens, it protects seedling from damping-off (occurrence of Murenae) and also works for good seedling by promoting root growth; it has been used for more than half a century as an absolutely essential chemical with the spread of raising seedlings in nursery box and mechanical transplanting. In the United States and European countries, Hymexazol is playing an active part as an important chemical for beet seed treatment.

Uses of Hydroxy-isoxazole
Crop Solutions
Main diseases covered Seedling damping-off
Main farm products covered Rice, beet, and other products
Representative products TACHIGAREN™ and TACHIGARE-ACE™
Main markets Japan, U.S.A., Germany, China, and other countries