Etofenprox is an active ingredient of insecticide created and developed by Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions. Besides agricultural purposes, it is used for flea and tick control for pets, control of mosquitoes that transmit malaria, and many other purposes. In addition to excellent insecticidal activity against a wide range of pests, it has many features such as insect repellency, ovipositional inhibition, and low toxicity to humans and animals.
Etofenprox is familiar to farmers in Japan with the product name of TREBON™. It is one of the main pesticides for paddy as well as Dinotefuran and has become widespread as a chemical capable of controlling pests for a wide range farm products such as pulse, vegetables, flowers, and trees.
Globally, it also acts as a chemical that supports agricultral production: paddy in Korea and India; fruits, citrus and oilseed rape in European countries like Italy, German and Spain; and fruits and citrus in Brazil.
In non-agricultural sectors as well, it is globally used by PCOs (※1) and for pet protection, vector control (※2), household insecticides, and other purposes.

Uses of Etofenprox
Crop Solutions Life Solutions
Main target pests Plant hopper, stink bug, caterpillar, aphid, and other pests Mosquito, fly, cockroach, flea, tick, and termite
Main crops and areas covered Rice, vegetables, fruits, flowers and ornamental plants, trees, and others PCO, pet protection, vector control, household insecticides
Representative products TREBON™ and other products LENATOP™, VECTRON™, ECOLOFEN™, and other products
Main markets Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Italy, Brazil, and other counties Japan, U.S.A., Brazil, Turkey, Philippines, France, and Spain
  • PCO: Pest control operator
  • Vector control: Controlling pests that transmit infectious diseases