Dinotefuran is an active ingredient of insecticides created and developed by Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions. Besides agricultural purposes, it is used for termite control for homes, flea and tick control for pets, household insecticides and many other purposes. In addition to insecticidal activity against a wide range of pests, it has many features such as excellent systemic properties and an sucking inhibition on stink bugs.
Since its launch in Japan in 2002 as agricultural insecticide under the names of STARKLE™ and ALBARIN™, Dinotefuran has become widespread as a main insecticide for paddy fields, has been registered for farm products including vegetables and fruits, and has been helping crop protection through its usage that provides efficiency and labor savings in agricultural applications.
Outside Japan as well, it is used to control paddy-rice pests in Asian countries including India and to control pests for soybean and sugarcane in Brazil, contributing to food production in the world.

Uses of Dinotefuran
Crop Solutions Life Solutions
Main target pests Plant hopper, stink bug, whitefly, thrips, leaf-miner fly, scale, aphid, and other pests Termite, flea, tick, fly, mosquito, cockroach, bark beetle, and other pests
Main crops and areas covered Rice, vegetables, fruits, flowers and ornamental plants, trees, and others PCO(※1), pet and stock protection, household insecticides, and wood preservation
Representative products STARKLE™, ALBARIN™, and other products MIKEBLOCK™, FLYDOWN™ Bait, and others
Main markets Japan, U.S.A., China, India, Brazil, and other countries Japan, U.S.A., France, Spain, and Turkey
  • PCO: Pest control operator